About Fired Up Phil

ABOUT The Founder... 
This nickname came from the verse psalm 104:4 "He makes his ministers like a flame of fire." ...Those who serve the Lord with fire have passion, purpose & power! 

Phil's passion is to inspire others to uncover their talents and develop themselves to LIVE POWERFUL as the Kings & Queens God has called us all to be.

He believes all people are challenged by the fear of being insignificant. Which shows it’s ugly face by coming out in different self limiting beliefs like being paralyzed by the fear of failure and having self doubt when it comes to taking action on our desires that might expose this.

Phil draws from study and implementation provided by a wide array of experiences in his life from both success and failures he has endured.

Phil is an entrepreneur, husband and father currently residing in NY with his wife and two children.

He has lived on both sides of the coin in many different areas of life;

He’s been... 

  • In great fitness shape & overweight and out of shape    
  • married, divorced & remarried
  • Motivated and energy filled & depressed and depleted
  • Filled with happiness & miserably uncontent
  • earning millions in revenue & dead broke in 1 yr 
  • spiritually on fire & spiritually empty
  • Confident and on top & feeling like a failure that's not good enough
  • Having what seemed like it all & loosing what seemed like it all 
  • And most importantly... being so close to God & feeling miles apart 

As a deeper thinker, Phil has learned a whole lot through it all... to which he believes each of these experiences are gifts in the form of lessons that produce the wisdom to succeed.  ..And this wisdom should be shared to equip others to get results and become the powerful Kings & Queens that God created them to be. 

Phil considers himself an artist and a creator, only his canvas is people and his art displayed through impacting men & women of faith to live powerful & represent. His biggest joys are painting inspiration and self belief into others through different forms of media that are offered thought BeastLIFE Brand and through its products and services.

Phil emphatically believes that the life you want and ultimately your happiness and fulfillment are determined by the person that you become.

It's a LIFESTYLE & spiritual movement for people of faith who are tired of religion. 

Christ lived the original BeastLIFE and set the bar high while calling us to follow him as the king of kings and the Lion (The Beast) of the tribe of Judah.  And this is how BeastLIFE Brand was born!

Live Powerful & Represent

God Bless