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The Problem we face...

Almost everyone starts out at a young age with so much excitement, confidence and ambition for the future. The world is yours! ..Then over time after experiencing difficulties and hardships, our hopes and dreams get slowly beaten out of us by life’s punches. ..Where at some point many start to lose faith in their ambitions and often times in themselves becoming restrained and held captive by the chains of their fears, past pains, addictions and insecurities.

Any passion or purpose they had is now confined by these chains which guide their choices, actions and direction with no real sense of power through life. Ultimately lowering the bar of potential that we were created for and settling for unfulfilling relationships, fitness, finances, ambitions and more. Simply drifting along until one day time runs out on life here.

Bro, We gotta take the power back!! And you are invited to join our movement...

B.E.A.S.T’s were created to ROAM FREE. BeastLIFE empowers you to Break through the Chains that hold you captive liberating yourself to a higher spiritual calling. God has a bigger purpose and plan for you than what you’re living right now.

We all have these chains that are limiting our potential and it’s up to us to recognize them and break free towards our potential.

The BeastLIFE is about becoming the man God created you to be and living with Passion, Purpose and Power. You were meant to Live Powerful & Represent!! ..while you pursue the thrilling adventure of this life.

We hope you join the BeastLIFE movement.

BeastLIFE Brand Mission

It is Our Mission to: Raise up and Equip Men of Faith to Live Powerful & Represent! ...By creating powerful men of God to be business, family & community leaders of integrity & impact!

We help men uncover their God given talents, find purpose, build confidence and live with passion so they can honor the Lord by producing good fruit.

We accomplish this by providing fresh inspirational apparel & products along with equipping our warriors with tools of Fitness & Personal Growth.

About the Founder

This nickname came from the verse psalm 104:4 "He makes his ministers like a flame of fire." ...Those who serve the Lord are powerful.

Phil's main agenda is to to inspire others. He believes all people are challenged by the fear of being insignificant. Which shows it’s ugly face by coming out in self limiting beliefs like being paralyzed by the fear of failure and self doubt when it comes to dreams and desires that might expose this.

Phil draws from study and implementation provided by a wide array of experiences in his life from both success and failures endured in life.

Phil is an entrepreneur, husband and father. He lives in NY and is married with two children. He’s been in shape, out of shape, married, divorced & remarried. Filled with happiness, totally miserable, earning millions & dead broke. spiritually alive & spiritually empty. Confident and on top of the world,.. feeling like a complete failure.

He has lived on both sides of many different areas of life; and has learned a whole lot through it all... to which he believes these experiences are gifts in the form of lessons that produce wisdom to succeed for those willing to receive. ..that wisdom should be shared to empower others to be a successful and become powerful men of God. This is how BeastLIFE Brand was born.

Phil believes in not being phony so he puts on no fronts and only teaches what he’s experienced. If he hasn't lived it he doesn't give it.

Like other artist Phil is a creator, only his canvas is people and his art displayed through impacting men of faith to live powerful & represent. He really enjoys painting inspiration and self belief into others through different forms of media that are offered thought BeastLIFE Brand.

He believes that the life you want and ultimately your happiness and fulfillment are determined by the person that you become.

Live Powerful & Represent

God Bless



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