Don't Be Your Own Oppressor

by Philip Barnao March 25, 2021

Don't Be Your Own Oppressor

“Victim mindedness” is completely unbiblical. God does not instruct us to play the victim role or the victim card.  As a matter of fact it actually damages your relationship with your heavenly father because it doesn’t allow us the opportunity to let God work miracles and operate in the power of faith.    

The Bible is full of stories of people who were victims but instead of turning this victimhood into a mindset operated out of the power of faith instead. Faith in the God that is far bigger and more powerful than the circumstances that surround us.  

And in most of those stories the Lord answered their faith and pulled them out of many of those circumstances elevating them to higher positions than one would’ve ever thought even possible in the natural.  

Joseph is a great example.  

His own blood brothers were jealous of him. They threw him down a hole and then sold him into slavery. And if that weren’t enough he then got hit on and ultimately betrayed by the pharaoh’s gorgeous lust filled wife.  All for being honorable and not sleeping with her was then thrown into the slammer by pharaoh. Which I guess was better than killing him.  

Then we have two magic words that come in to play.. “BUT GOD” had a plan all along for Joseph. Just like he has a plan for you and this will not get deterred based on circumstances.  

To sum up the story Joseph interprets the pharaohs dreams, saves the land from a famine, becomes a hero and second in charge of all of Egypt. He even saves his Bros who betrayed him and restores their relationship.  

Job, Jonah and the list goes on of dudes that could have accepted the victim mindset but instead chose to use their victim card and swipe into the bank of faith and got a supernatural draw in return.  ..Good thing they didn’t sell out.  

And so the point of my writing..

To allow a victim mindset to overcome and dominate your thoughts is to become your own oppressor and limit you from the power of what faith and God can do in your life.  


God bless yas

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