by Philip Barnao January 28, 2021


Don’t Allow the Enemy of FEAR to Steal From You...FAITH OVER FEAR is the key to God's blessings.

Most of the things you want resides on the opposite side of fear. I can tell you that there will undoubtedly be some good places God wants to leads us that will require us at some point to take the highway of fear to get there.  Ya gotta have Faith Over Fear mindset!

Your Heavenly Father does not lead you from comfort zone to comfort.

You need to get comfortable being “uncomfortable” at times or you’ll never create the kingdom God has planned for you. Maybe you’ll see a glimpse of it but, You’ll only create and enter the kingdom he has by walking through fear and in faith.
The old adage the fear is False Evidence Appearing Real is true. It takes faith to defeat fear.  Ya gotta develop Faith Over Fear Thinking.

Reminds me of an old Indiana Jones movie in which he had to cross a divide that appeared to be thousands of feet deep . He had to have the faith over fear moxi to take a step knowing that he would either fall all the way down to his death or trust somehow (unknowingly to his human senses) and take a step of faith onto (hopefully) something that would hold him up.

And that’s how our journey works many time’s with God. We need to take some steps in faith when we feel it’s our path that he's leading. I’m doing it right now in my life.  When we feel our season is up somewhere and knowing that God has used where we are to mold us for a new adventure within his purpose.

So today feel free to meditate (selah) on things, on paths, opportunities that may be in store for you now or in the future that you feel a spiritual tug pulling you on.

Or maybe you feel you missed out previously ..don’t worry. If you still have breath God is still at work. Start seeking him and he'll start guiding you.   

God bless yas

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Philip Barnao
Philip Barnao